About Us

About JujaKidsPalace
  • OUR PHILOSOPHYour slogan:


    To grow in wisdom, in grace and in favor with God and man.

  • Friendly atmosphere plus quality children care.


    An institution that nurtures Godly children to be diligent future leaders.



    To provide education for holistic growth in a rich stimulating environment.

  • Dedicated classrooms with top skilled educators.

    Jujakidspalace School is an  institution whose vision is to raise and nurture global Godly leaders. We are founded primarily on biblical principles. The leadership, teaching and non-teaching staff aims at ensuing that the children grow in God’s wisdom, in grace, in stature and in favour with God and men.

    We are aware of the enormous potential that the children carry and we daily cultivate this. The National Kenyan curriculum is implemented in a rich environment for Learning. Our teaching staff are equipped with academic, practical knowledge on the best up-to date teaching methods.

    We wok in love, mutual respect and harmony with the parents and the community at large. God bless Jujakidspalace School.