Our History

  • A word from our Founder.

    Within every child lies potential, greatness and purpose. My call as a leader is to nurture children’s potential and purpose. I have been called to raise up a new generation of children who are full of God’s wisdom, favor and Grace.

    Thus, I am conscious that every child who passes through Jujakidspalace Schools is a future global leader.

  • Our History

    JujaKidsPalace Schools was started in January 2015 as Kids Palace Kindergarten and day care on 2 plots at Kenyatta road, High view estate. The mother of the owner had kept cows in her compound but sold them due to frustrations of the market diversities. With cash on hand and not knowing what the next business, the owner, Linda graduated from Kenyatta University with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood. She didn’t want to seek for employment and her vision took place, she had gotten an idea on what to do with the proceeds from the cows – THE KINDERGATEN WAS BORN. The cow sheds were renovated and by December there stood 4 rooms equipped with furniture, materials ready to admit pupils. Marketing was done door to door in the neighborhoods It had 4 class rooms

    • Pre-unit
    • Nursery
    • Baby class
    • Day care

    It had 4 staff who did the following duties

    • Ms Linda – School Proprietor, School Administrator
    • Ms Nyambura – School Front Office Personnel, School driver
    • Ms Sarah- Pre-unit Teacher
    • Diana – School cook
    • Evans – School cleaner

    On the first day only one child enrolled in Pre-unit who stayed alone for 2 weeks After 2 weeks 2 more children enrolled in Nursery. Today, the school has immensely grown to what is known as JujaKidsPalace Schools.