Life Outside the Classroom

  • Life Outside the Classroom

    • Outside the classroom setting, JujaKidsPalace School offers a variety of co-curricular activities to provide
      an all rounded growth for our children.These activities help enrich experiences and we encourage all our pupils
      to take part in these activities to pursue their interests, and have the chance to develop and explore new ones.

    • These activities range from Sporting Activities, Tree Planting, Cooking Sessions to Educational Tours and they
      help suit these young children with their ever energetic minds.They give our pupils the foundation and skills
      needed to cope with the day-to-day challenges presented as they grow both academically and matters life.

  • The Holiday Fun Week

    At the beginning of every school holiday: April, August and December, we offer a Fun Week.This entails one week of relaxing activities for our pupils such as Swimmimg, cooking and basically having a good time.